Gifts for your BFF

A best friend is an uncommon gift. Having a friend you can stay close to for many years is remarkable. This includes moving across the country, getting married, having children, and other life milestones. More than just friendship, the person who has brought this gift into your life deserves to be honored. What better occasion to thank your friend for their unique blessing than on their birthday?

Find the perfect gift for your best friend.

You know what makes your best friend happy. Take the time to think about the best gift you can give to them. Only someone who truly understands them would know how to do this. A framed print of a starry night sky from their birth is an excellent idea if they are into astronomy. If your friend is a fan of a particular sports team, consider finding a gift with their logo. Consider getting them a shirt with a favorite quote from a movie or a canvas depiction of the scene.

It may not be the physical gift perfect for your BFF’s birthday, but rather an experience. What about a spa trip for you and your BFF? Your friend might love tickets to your old favorite band or a Broadway show. A thoughtful gift for a friend you have known for many years is nostalgic. If you take your time, you’ll have the best chance of finding this perfect gift for a friend. You know your friend better than anyone else!

Check out our top five ideas below if you need inspiration or a way to show your BFF how much they mean to you. These options might not be perfect, but they may inspire you to create a unique gift that your BFF will remember.

Fill in the Blank Notes for Your Bestie

If you need a little more motivation, this is the perfect option. These notes will help you communicate with your friend better and provide prompts so that you can fill in the blanks. These messages can be filled out to make the recipient laugh, or they can be made meaningful. Fill-in-the-blanks can include a note like “You are so talented, but no one else is able to as well as you.” You can make your friend smile or cry with these notes.

With 48 removable note cards, you can give your friend a smile or a laugh whenever she needs it. This notebook is only $10; you can give her little notes on her birthday or any other occasion. This notebook is the perfect gift for that friend who used to be in trouble when you passed notes to her in 8th-grade science.

NY Times Ultimate Birthday Book

The gift can be given to anyone. However, the more time you have known your friend and the older they are, the better. The New York Times binds the front pages of your friend’s first birthday and each birthday that follows it. The Times is a 109-year-old publication, so there’s no need to worry if the history of your friend goes back enough. The book also contains highlights from your friend’s birthday year and a selection of the Times’ best-selling titles and articles. This book allows your friend to relive the events of every year they have lived. Almost everyone will appreciate the trip down memory lane.

No matter how many years you want to include, the book can be bound in a leatherette or premium linen cover for $155 and $190, respectively. The book measures 12″ by 15″ and includes a timeline of headlines from all 109 years since the New York Times was first published.

Best Friend Necklace & Card

This necklace and card set is a great way to show your friend how much you appreciate her. The necklace has a wing charm that represents an angel. The message on the back of the chain is, “I believe in Angels. The kind heaven sends… They are my best friends.” Each necklace in the store is made by hand. This ensures that each gift gets personal attention. This design can be customized to make it unique.

The sterling silver necklace features a turquoise accent bead on the pendant’s wing. The chain is 16″ long and comes with a gift box in black. You won’t have to wrap it. This necklace is unique and beautifully made. It’s a great deal at just under $30.

Wish Jar

It’s a little work, but your best friend is worth it. As you know, the best gifts come from your heart. This gift is unique to you and to your friend. This jar can be customized with any message, whether funny or sentimental. You can create your messages so that your friend can pull out a letter every day and remember fond memories. Or you can fill it with jokes they’ll love. Fill it with “something good”: any factoids or anecdotes you think will make your friend smile.

This gift will be more meaningful the better you know the person. You can tailor your message to the person’s needs, whether they are struggling with a chronic illness or a new parent. Your words of encouragement will still be present, even if you are absent.

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