The camping trend is gaining popularity in 2018. Of the 75 million households that are already campers, 51 percent plan to take more trips this year. Camping is becoming more popular because of its many benefits. It is affordable, good for your health, and offers comfort away from home. Technology, in particular, has made camping more enjoyable, safer, and accessible. With summer in full swing, buying the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast is time.

A kit for the RV

You can give them extra home comforts to use while on the road. A wireless temperature sensor is essential for preparing for changes in the weather and environmental conditions. Using Wi-Fi technology, it tracks temperature and humidity anywhere you are. This lets you keep your family comfortable or turn up the heat if the temperature drops.

Wearable tracking devices

Wearable trackers are an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts. These discreet and stylish pieces track distances, calories, heart rate, and sleep patterns. These trackers use a combination of technology to monitor motion and sensors to detect pulse and then connect back to an application to provide all the recorded data. The higher-spec modules have outdoor navigation tools such as a barometer, altimeter, and compass. Due to the high demand for wearable fitness trackers, these devices have a wide range and variety.

Intelligent self-heating Jacket

This gift is not a gadget, but the technology makes it impressive. This bright Greenhouse Jacket embraces the wearable technology and clothing trend and promises to keep you warm for up to 14 hours. The front and back are lined with heating panels that can be adjusted to 3 heat settings up to 135F. It is lightweight and compact. The same technology is used to charge your phone, so a dead battery will never strand the outdoor enthusiast you know. It doesn’t mean there will always be a good signal.

You may also want to buy one so you won’t be jealous of the new gadgets.

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