You know the curse that comes with kids’ toys: clutter. It’s like a two-edged blade. Parents are happy that their children have toys. On the other hand…how much do they need?

The spring is the best time to donate old toys and declutter.

When purchasing a gift for your child, consider these 15 clutter-free choices that parents will love.

Members of museums and attractions

Memberships are expensive, but they make excellent educational gifts for children. They allow them to visit museums, amusement parks, and zoos.

Movie tickets

Kids can spend a few fun hours watching movies and eating popcorn with a movie ticket or cinema gift card.

Video Games

Digital game downloads are available for many video game systems, allowing kids to play for hours without cluttering the house.

Dinner Out

Kids may want to go out for a special dinner or eat at their favorite restaurant. Offer a gift certificate or, even better, take them out.

“Day Date”

You might be surprised that if you are close to your child, they may want nothing more than time with you. Plan a fun day date that includes an activity and treats. Mini-golf or ice cream are great options. Sprinkles are a must!

Tickets for a concert or sports event

A day or night spent watching your favorite band or team is sometimes all a child needs. These types of gifts will make memories that last for many years.

Classes in art or cooking

You can provide a variety of classes for your child, such as art, music, baking, or cooking.

Wearable items

Since clothes can be stored in a drawer or closet, they are less likely than other items to clutter the home. Consider buying a nice outfit or jewelry.

Adventure or excursion

Kids can enjoy a clutter-free adventure by hiking, exploring historical landmarks, and participating in fitness events such as a 5K.

Gift Cards for a Special Treat

Many restaurants and small food stores offer gift cards and coupons for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes.

Book a hair, nail, or manicure appointment

It’s always nice to be pampered. A new haircut, manicure, pedicure, or other beauty treatment can make your child or teen feel extra special.

Outdoor toys

Outdoor toys can help you save space in your home. Balls, bats, and bubbles are all great interactive toys. It can be used to make your bubbles as a present. This will save you money and space. Try the recipe to make homemade chalk paint.

You can also find out more about the following

Most kids are careful with their jewelry and less likely to let it linger around. It’s also tiny, and kids of all ages will feel special when they open something sparkly.

Gifts that are edible and clutter-free

Food is consumable. Food is consumable. You can gift the child’s favorite sweets or savory snacks.

Subscribe to audiobooks or magazines

Gift cards for audiobooks allow the child to choose something that interests them while reducing the amount of clutter in the home. Magazine subscriptions allow children to indulge in a favorite hobby without taking up much space.

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