Employee gifts can increase morale, productivity, and employee satisfaction. It’s also a nice gesture, and it feels good! It’s not always easy to develop unique gift ideas for your employees. Here are seven gift ideas for employees to make them happy as the holidays approach.

Gift Cards Prepaid

You want to gift your employees, such as movie tickets, dinner, or coffee, but you don’t know what to pick or which location/brand they prefer. Gift cards are a popular gift, especially around the holidays. With so many choices available today, gift cards can be limiting.

A prepaid gift card is a great solution. Don’t worry if you don’t know what employees need for their home office or what they like to snack on. Some prepaid cards can be redeemed anywhere in the world. A wide range of retailers and restaurants accepts them. It’s unnecessary to worry that the employee will use a card at a place they do not frequent.

Prepaid cards are also personalized and can be used as a tangible token for the gift. This is an excellent alternative to cash, which doesn’t stand out and shows no thought. Choose from various designs with Award2Go, or create your employee gift cards.

Low Maintenance Plants

Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. We all know someone that has killed at least one plant. Maybe two. You may be unable to maintain different watering times or have to say goodbye to your Boston Fern if you’re going on a long trip. Some plants don’t require as much maintenance.

Succulents require little maintenance and are an excellent way to brighten a room, desk, or home office. They’re also sure to make the recipient smile. What’s the best part? They’re versatile, easy to grow, and don’t require much effort. They need watering more often than weekly or daily. Your employee will be reminded of your kindness whenever they admire their plant baby.

Home Office Essentials

Home office essentials have become popular as more people work from home. This includes those who didn’t plan to do so. A gift that makes working at home more comfortable and accessible, from footrests to coffee warmers, can be a great choice. This idea can be adapted to any budget. It’s not always possible to buy ergonomic chairs for all your employees. An ergonomic mouse, however, might be more affordable. You could also choose keyboard armrests, wireless charging stands, or keyboard stands. This is a gift that combines several different ideas. Try to cater the essentials of the home office to each recipient if you want to go the extra distance. One employee might choose A trendy desk lamp, whereas the employee who complains about the cold may prefer the portable heater. You’ll make the lives of your employees who work from home more accessible, no matter what you choose. These ideas are also applicable to co-working spaces. If your employees return to the office, they can bring their gifts.

Snack Box

Custom snack boxes are an excellent way to reward hardworking employees. Snack boxes come in many varieties. They can be gluten-free, vegan, classic, or even international. Snack subscriptions can be a great gift. If you have the time, customize your snack box based on your employees’ favorite snacks. Pre-packaged snacks may not work for your healthiest employee, who will have different preferences. Allergies and dietary restrictions are also difficult to accommodate. The sheer number of snack boxes, snack subscriptions, and other options will allow you to meet all your employees’ needs.


A destressing kit would be a good option if you wanted to put one together yourself. This will allow you to be creative and make an excellent gift for your employees. Everyone, including hardworking employees, could benefit from relaxation and stress relief. Various options exist, from adult coloring books to aromatherapy products and stress balls/cubes. Catering these kits to every employee shows you are willing to do more to reward them.

Another employee might enjoy dark chocolate with a soothing scent and herbal teas in their stress relief kit. Bath lovers will find various products, including oils, soaps, and salts. Employees who enjoy affirmation or mindfulness may prefer a book or daily journal.

Sometimes our desire to give gifts exceeds the time available. Pre-packaged kits can be a great alternative if you do not have the time to create a kit yourself. They are often loaded with relaxing products that your employees will enjoy.

Wax Melter/Oil Diffuser

The right scent can transform a room. It’s also a game changer. A room can be made more enjoyable by the right scent. A wax melter or an oil diffuser can be a wonderful gift for the home office or to help your employees relax at home.

Wax melters can be used as a flameless alternative to candles. Wax melters still use scented wax but do not require an open flame. Aromatic candles tend to last longer if they are melted instead of burned. You don’t need to burn many candles to make your home, office, or any other room smell like pumpkin pie, apple cider donuts, or fresh lavender.

The same goes for oil diffusers. They can also bring different scents to your home without an open flame. Diffusers use water vapor instead to spread a scent. They’re also an excellent option for seasons or climates with low humidity. In recent years, the popularity of essential and fragrance oils has exploded. If you’re looking for a particular scent, there is likely an oil to match.

Both cases are easy to use and maintain. If you want to personalize these gifts, you can add a starter set of scented oils or waxes tailored to each employee’s tastes.

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