Wedding season is here, and you can make it even more fun if your role as a bridesmaid or maid of honor! It’s your job to ensure the bride has a fun and relaxing time leading up to her big day! You can make your bachelorette friend even happier by getting her some of these gifts.

COSMETIC POCKET SETThis can be given to the bride or the entire bride team. If you don’t wish for anyone to get a rash, ensure the pouches have been personalized. You can include products you know your recipients will love or those gentler on their skin. Consider sheet masks, lip balms with fruity or floral scents, and hand creams. Don’t forget about snacks, chocolates, and breath mints to celebrate the special day.

Garter Belt

Brides often overlook this piece of underwear. Choose a beautiful wedding garter in quality lace to help. Gold will give it a glamorous feel. It’s sure to please her!


You can’t miss the unique bachelorette tattoos if you are having your bachelorette weekend at the beach! The “Bridesmaid T-shirt” is so last season. But everyone will love subtle (or even not-so-subtle) bachelorette tattoos! Temporary tattoos make for great Instagram photos.


There are never enough sexy outfits for the honeymoon. The bride probably has at least one. Although this is a traditional gift for the bachelorette, many gorgeous items are on the market. They will surely get all the “wows and whoas” from the guests!


Want to up your Instagram bachelorette game? ConsiderĀ hiring a GIF Booth. This booth is easy to use, incredibly entertaining, and will help you capture your memories in a funny gif that you can instantly share. It’s better than photos.


Don’t just make your friend look beautiful; help her feel it on her big day. The satin or fluffy bride slippers will be super comfortable for her and help her relax and focus in stressful situations.


Sometimes, a glass of bubbly can help you focus. The bride can wear this funky bracelet as a flask without anyone knowing what it contains. She’ll be happy to have this on her arm when she realizes the wrong seating arrangement!


A beautiful lace gown can make a bride feel like a princess in the modern age on her honeymoon. It can be worn for breakfast on the balcony or by the pool. If it is white, it will let everyone know she had a fantastic experience a few days ago!


What better accessory to give her if she is going on a summer honeymoon? A wide straw hat with the words “Happily ever after” embroidered in it. This is a simple yet stylish gift that will get her noticed wherever she goes.


Everyone lovesĀ to spend a day in the spa, but we seldom think about ourselves. Give one to the bride during a bachelorette party! You can give her a gift card to relax during the chaos of wedding planning or when she has a ring in hand. Choose a gift certificate that she can use to get a massage, facial or sauna.

Sleek Mask

Relaxing during the wedding planning is another idea. A silk eye mask will help the bride calm and sleep better, especially if the stress of the day haunts her. Bonus points if the show has her initials on it!


You can plan a party for the couple when they return from their honeymoon. The Polaroid can project images from a phone onto a blank wall. Ideal for reliving your big day with family and friends!


This is an example of a small gift that means a great deal. Grab a notebook and ask your guests to write down what they want and how the day went. Attach photos and trinkets to create a powerful and straightforward memory.

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