You and your Inner West buyer’s agent will discuss a few important factors before you make a purchase.

  • First, you should consider the Location. It should be close to amenities and transportation such as shopping and schools. Would you like to live in a place with many cafes and restaurants nearby? Do you prefer to live in a quieter and more residential area?
  • price is another important factor to consider. You don’t want overspend on a property that’s not right for you, so do some research to see what similar properties are selling for around your suburb.
  • Before making a final decision, you’ll need to discuss the Condition. If the property has major issues with the electrical or plumbing wiring, the repairs could cost thousands.
  • Public Transportation plays a major role in city life. Many buyers are looking for houses within walking distance. If you live in the outer west but work in the city, you may want to consider moving to the Inner West, where you could take the train or bus to work each day. This would not only reduce your daily commute time by an hour but also your gas costs and the wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Many buyers place a great deal of importance on being close to their workplace. If you are working in Sydney’s Inner West you should consider a location that has a good transport connection to your office.

What To Do Before Buying A Property In The Inner West

Do your research and find out as much about the Inner West region as you can before you buy property. An Inner West buyer’s agent can help you understand the lifestyle available in the area and whether it is suitable for your needs. Some Inner West buyers agents were kind enough to share their tips on what you should consider before signing any papers.

Do not waste time on properties that are out of your budget

You can easily get carried away by the excitement of viewing houses. However, this is not the right time to worry about your budget. If you’re not able to stick to a budget that works for you, it’s pointless owning property.

Decide where you want to live

Location is key when it comes to buying a home. You should not just focus on the best deal, but also consider what kind of lifestyle you desire and how far away you are willing to travel for your job. Consider what you like to do outside of work. You might enjoy shopping on Broadway, exploring the street art of Inner West or taking a stroll along the bay run. Or perhaps relaxing in a park. Or maybe dining alfresco with the bustle and noise of the city ….. The options are endless! You may want to live near a gourmet destination, or in a leafy suburb.

Arrange for a pre-purchase inspection of the property.

It is important to hire an inspector with experience inspecting similar properties. The inspector will make recommendations for how to correct any issues found, and send their findings as a detailed inspection report. Your buyer’s agent will have great connections with local building and pest inspectors who are specialists in the Inner West.

Use a Buyers Agent

A buyer’s agent can help you to find the right property for your budget and will also negotiate on your behalf to get the best price.

Research is essential. You will save yourself a lot later on by doing your research before purchasing a home in the Inner West. You will get a better idea of the type of property that you are looking for and if it meets your needs. It can also help you to avoid costly mistakes. It is particularly important if you’re buying in an area like the Inner West where there are a lot of factors to consider.

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