Golf Today estimates that 60 million people play Golf regularly around the world. This number does not include golfers who love the sport but don’t play it. The market for gifts for golfers could be huge. Golfers can choose from various gift options, including everything from high-tech gadgets to tools for improving their game. Continue reading to learn more.

The golf range

The driving range is a great place to improve your golf game forĀ the serious player. The ambitious content is a great place to practice for golf enthusiasts considering taking up the sport. Gift cards or vouchers which give access to your local driving rangeĀ are a great gift.

It is a convenient gift, not only because it improves your golf swing but also because it can be used at night. You may also find it convenient in terms of time since you may not have time to play 18 holes on your local course. Many also offer golfing lessons so you can perfect your swing under the guidance of an expert. The driving range is also cost-effective. A full round of Golf can be expensive, but an hour at the ambitious range is much cheaper.

Latest hi-tech laser range finder

Laser rangefinders are the newest technology in Golf and make a great gift. The old method of counting the steps between yardage markers and guessing the distance of the flag from the center of the green is no longer used.

Give a laser rangefinder instead. You can point and press a button to instantly see the distance between yourself and the pin. Some gadgets are more advanced and will vibrate or buzz to confirm your lock on the hook.

Golf Sunglasses

The sun’s glare is one of the most common problems golfers face on the fairway or green. It can be challenging to find your ball, especially when you have a scuffed shot off the fairway.

Sunglasses will improve your vision while playing, but you can go one step further and give a pair to help find your lost golf ball. These sunglasses are tinted with a unique color, making white objects, like golf balls, appear more vibrant against foliage.

There is a golf gift for everyone, whether serious players or casual enthusiasts. Find grants to help improve their game or hi-tech gadgets to make life easier on the fairway. You can also find zany and funny gifts for those with a more humorous disposition.

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