Is Personalised Vegan Gifts in the UK in High Demand?

Veganism is a recent phenomenon that has swept the globe. Vegan diets and lifestyles have existed since the 1940s. However, in the last few years, veganism’s popularity has skyrocketed. In 2018, 600,000 vegans were living in the UK. This is about 1.16%. It was four times the number of vegans in 2014. After the US, Japan, and Germany, the UK has the fifth-highest number of vegans.

There is a growing demand for vegan gifts that can be purchased off the shelf.

What is a vegan?

Veganism, however, is not just a way of eating. It’s also a lifestyle. Vegans will not use animal products in their diet or any other aspect of their lives. You should avoid meat, dairy products, fur, feathers, beeswax, wool, leather, and sponges.

Why Personalized Vegan Gifts are a Step Ahead

It can be challenging when the world does not work as we wish. It is not just for the vegans who have adapted to this lifestyle. But also for their family and friends. Consider many factors when buying vegan gifts in the UK.


There are many parts to a shoe people need to consider. It’s all well and good avoiding that leather outer, but many shoes will come with a leather insole as standard, making it tricky to find vegan-friendly footwear.

The humble Flip-flop is still available, but sometimes, a vegan wants a shoe with more substance. Am I right? The espadrille collection is available in many sizes and shapes, such as a slip-on, wedge, high top, and classic style. You can personalize these shoes to give as a gift. The insoles are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes.


The handbag is another feminine favorite. Even though you can find bags made of materials other than leather, such as canvas and denim, they are often marred by leather straps and zip pullers. The same problem is more comprehensive than handbags. It can also be found in purses and makeup bags.

Bags of Love offers a variety of vegan-friendly bags, such as the washbags mentioned above, cosmeticsmakeup, and purses. We thought that was not enough, so we added vegan options to some of our leather bags.

We have various options, whether you prefer the crossbody or the clutch. Like shoes, any bag made from vegan-friendly material makes a great vegan gift.

Cruelty-Free Personalised Vegan Gifts

Clothes, homeware, and other items are subjected to the same fate. Thankfully this happens less frequently. You may find that something almost vegan becomes less so once a leather zipper puller or certain fabrics are added. We can help you find a sweater not made of wool or a pillow without feathers. Bags of Love offers a variety of vegan gifts that are made in the UK.


Accessories are also great vegan gifts for both the home and the person. Vegan-friendly products include sunhats, passport holders, pen pots, party plates, and sunglasses.

Personalized Vegan Gifts as Standard

What about products that are vegan-friendly by default? We’ve compiled a list with some of our high-quality hand-made items that are vegan-friendly as standard.

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