Tin Gifts to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrating a decade of marriage is a great way to honor your spouse. Some couples choose to renew their wedding vows or take a luxurious vacation. Bags of Love does not organize parties or getaways. However, we have a few gifts in line with the 10th Anniversary Tin.

Tin is traditionally given as a gift to mark the 10th anniversary of marriage. The tin is meant to symbolize the flexibility and durability of a happy marriage. We’re keeping the tradition alive with a more modern and personal touch.

Customized Tin Box Made For a Lifetime

Bags of Love is offering a custom-printed inbox to celebrate your 10th anniversary together. Our boxes are in three sizes: A6, A5, and A4. They’re perfect for storing keepsakes or art and crafts items. Create a lid using your favorite photo memories or artwork. You can also add a message. Gift tins can be a great way to complement a holiday, jewelry, or dinner that you are planning to treat your partner to. As a special gift, why not place the tickets for the anniversary trip or the beautiful jewelry in the tin? The personalized Tin Box will be both beautiful and valuable. Your thoughtful design can be seen in full detail on the lid.

Personalized Sweet Tin

Why not give your partner a fun, sweet tin? Each tin contains Jelly Bean Factory sweets, which are all-natural and come in different flavors. This is not the most expensive gift, but it’s a great way to keep the traditional tin’s theme and complement many other facilities.

Personalize the lid of your gift tin with photos, poems, or artwork. Your partner will love it. After the sweets are eaten, they can be used as a pencil box in the office or at home.

Our sweet tins make the perfect party favor for your guests if you’re celebrating a 10th anniversary and vow renewal. Let your family and friends taste the precious memories that you shared.

Personalized Biscuit Tin

Who doesn’t like a good cup of tea with a biscuit? This personalized tin makes the perfect anniversary gift for your partner. You can personalize the biscuit tin by adding a beautiful photo of you two or a picture of a particular place you visited together. This tin will remind you of your love for each other every time you look at it! The lid will print all photos directly, giving you a unique, stylish look. This is the perfect accessory for your kitchen and your partner.

Creative Custom Pencil Tin

Are you and your partner budding artists? Do they like to jot down everything? This is the ideal gift for your loved one. Upload a photo and text to create your pencil box. You can create a collage of pictures if you need help deciding which image to use. Our pre-set templates make it easy to create a photo collage. Your partner will think that you spent hours designing it. This bespoke pencil tin is stylish and sturdy, as we have chosen the most robust metal for its base.

Tea Caddy Tempting

All brew enthusiasts are invited! This personalized tea caddy will show your partner how much you care. Create your own by adding a signature picture of you and your partner! How about printing a joke or anecdote? You’ll be smiling every time you put on the kettle! The tea caddy is made from high-quality metal. It also features a hinged top that will keep your tea fresh.

Cool and Customized Cake Tin

Does your partner love to bake? Do they love sweets? This is the ideal anniversary gift. Create a collage with sentimental photos and add text to personalize this large, round tin for your spouse. You can also store cookies, sweets, or anything else you like! The base is made of recyclable metal that’s rustproof. You can pick from a wide range of colors. Start creating today!

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