There is no such thing as too many gifts. Giving is always better than receiving.

Not as much.

We hear a lot about grandparents who go overboard regarding gifts. They love to spoil their grandchildren. They are not the only ones.

There is such a concept as “too much gifting.” This article will explain the psychology behind giving gifts and what you can do if someone gives too many.

How many gifts are too many?

This question is not a one-size fits all answer. If you are in one of these situations, someone has likely given you or your kids too many presents.

  • Clutter Too much clutter in your home can be stressful.
  • Power imbalance – Does a friend buy you gifts to show they’re “special”? Does one set of grandparents give more than the other to be “favorites?”
  • Unwanted Gifts: Some people give gifts to others they don’t want or need.

Why do people give presents?

According to the American Psychological Association, giving gifts to others promotes happiness. If you choose a thoughtful gift for someone you love and they like it, you will feel a substantial emotional reward.

You can undoubtedly think of many other reasons for people to give gifts. They may obligate you to spend money or provide several advantages.

Sometimes, people will give you gifts to gain your attention or affection. The gift-giving in this situation could be more generous, and you may feel awkward.

What can you do to reduce gifts?

Gift-giving is a sentimental act. You don’t wish to offend anyone by suggesting they are doing anything wrong.

There are many ways to express your emotions with grace. Here are some suggestions.


Other gift options are available that will not create a mess in your home. Consider giving experience gifts such as tickets to sports events, theme parks, or museums.

When your children visit, you can suggest that your grandparents buy them gifts instead of buying them for your home.

Wish list

A gift registry or wish list online, like Giftster, can help guide others to buy gifts they need or desire for themselves or their children. You can reduce clutter and unwanted gifts.

Limit the number of items that a person can purchase. You can say, “This wish list is for everyone so please do not purchase too many options!”

Speak your heart out.

When all else fails, be honest and gracious. Be open and grateful for the efforts of others.

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